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“I've wanted to do radio ever since I listened to the DJs on CKLW out of Windsor. And now that I am, the greatest thing about it is the music that we play on our show.

How did I come about this music? Hmm.. lets see.. when I was a young lad, my father would take me with him to see some friends of his that basically lived off the land. I think they came from the hills of Arkansas. Our kin came by way of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

I was raised on a farm near Lyons Ohio. But these folks listened to some different music than I heard on CKLW - Bluegrass! Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Rogers, Uncle Dave Macon on the old records. But then sometimes they would tune into this station late at night and you could hear Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs! Later I figured out this was WSM out of Nashville Tenn. They are still on the air today at 6:50 AM. They still come in best late at night.

There were the square dances at Ottokee Township Hall. Live music where Uncle Joe was callin' the square dance and cousin Shelby was on the fiddle ( he went on to play fiddle with some of the great Bluegrass and country musicians in our country). The fiddles would be playin’ the old time hoe-downs. The dancers would be do-si-doin’ and cloggin’ to the fiddle and banjo tunes! I think John Forrest played the guitar. Uncle Joe played the saw. Bill Kurfiss did some callin' too. The first time I ever seen a banjo played live was there. Ol’ Carlton Hamn, I can still hear him playing "The Beverly Hillbillies"!

So for me to be able to bring this great music to our listeners by radio, and maybe the world someday, I think is a great thing. Maybe someone will hear it and be inspired like I was or even more than I was. I hope they go on to be a great musician some day!”

Jerry Eicher